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About Erol Metal

Erol Metal Inc., founded in 1975 by Mustafa Erol as Erol Metal Commerce, has improved to its current position under the light of technological developments and customer demands. The company obtained Erol Metal Inc. title in 1983 in line with its institutionalization policy. In 1994, with Ömer Erol taking over the management, the company continues its activities with 40 year of experience in its current location, Ostim Industrial Zone. The main activity fields of our company are sheet metal shaping and welded manufacturing. In our factory of 2500m2, with our expert team of 50 people, and with high technology machinery park, we accomplish the most difficult projects. Besides, we keep the necessary raw materials with any quality of iron-steel, stainless, aluminium, armour steel and corrosion-proof steel available in our stock.

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